We love breastfeeding, and so should you. There are many great benefits to you and your baby, ranging from the lower cost and greater convenience of breastfeeding to the positive effects on the baby’s immune system and maternal-neonatal bonding. Most women who attempt to breastfeed will succeed, though they may have a few struggles along the way.

Still, there are some women who cannot breastfeed, and for those babies’ sakes we should all remember that Fed is Best! We don’t want to discourage a single woman from breastfeeding, but we also should never make women who have difficulties breastfeeding feel like they have failed their babies.

This week, the folks over at Fed Is Best present the devastating and heartbreaking story of Baby Landon. Stories like Landon’s can help us keep our priorities straight when it comes to feeding babies. Click here to read Landon’s story.


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