Should I immunize my baby? Isn’t it better to not give all of the immunizations at once?

Yes! You should definitely immunize your baby. There are a few very specific conditions when a baby shouldn’t get immunizations, and if that’s the case, your pediatrician will let you know. That is rarely the case, however, so immunize your baby. Thousands of studies have examined the safety of giving multiple vaccines at once with the overwhelming conclusion that it is safe and does not “overwhelm” a baby’s immune system. On-time vaccinating also ensures that babies have adequate protection against diseases as early as possible. Practically speaking, giving more than one vaccine at a time minimizes office visits, simplifies parents’ lives, spares babies extra visits for pokes, and saves you from multiple trips in the waiting room where others may be sick! For more in-depth information online, see, vaccine safety section. Most importantly, ask your baby’s pediatrician if you have questions!

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