How do I care for my baby’s circumcision?

First of all, a few normal things: some swelling is expected and there may be small amounts of blood on the first few diapers. If it’s more than about the size of a quarter, let your pediatrician know. It’s also very normal for a yellowish layer to form over the glans – this is known as granulation tissue and is part of the healing process. The best thing to do in the first few days is lube, lube, lube!  Use liberal amounts of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or a water-based lubricant (i.e., K-Y) over the circumcision with every diaper change to prevent friction. Gauze may be used over the tip of the penis for the first day or two, but make sure not to wrap gauze all the way around the penis itself as this could become constrictive with any additional swelling that develops. If the penis becomes soiled, clean gently with soap and water; anything more (alcohol wipes, etc.) is generally too harsh and drying. The glans typically heals fully in 7-10 days.

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