No! Alcohol does pass easily into breastmilk, but it’s also absorbed from milk much like it is from the bloodstream. Basically, if you are sober enough to drive, you’re likely sober enough to breastfeed. A rough average is about two to three hours after one drink. If you breastfeed a little early, it’s unlikely the baby will receive enough to be harmful. Only a very small percentage is actually passed on to the baby in breastmilk. Of course, if you had more than one or two drinks and will need to wait longer than usual between feeds, pumping and dumping may make you more comfortable! Also, bear in mind that current research suggests that “moderate” alcohol use (generally meaning less than one drink per day) is not considered harmful to babies. More than that and you could be putting baby at risk; there is no known “safe” amount of alcohol in breastmilk, and some research suggests frequent alcohol use during breastfeeding may put babies at risk for slowed development and poor weight gain.