Nobody likes a hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids don’t even like hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, they are common during pregnancy and become more common in the third trimester. All of the normal over-the-counter remedies for hemorrhoids are perfectly fine to use while pregnant, including Preparation H and Anusol-HC. Tucks pads, which are pads infused with witch hazel, are also effective. Many women will use the pads in combination with one of the creams.

Most hemorrhoids get significantly better after delivery, though they may get worse with pushing. Sitz baths with added witch hazel may be your best friend in the postpartum period.

Rarely, hemorrhoids become thrombosed and need to be dealt with surgically as an emergency. You should suspect that a hemorrhoid has become thrombosed if you have new, different severe pain that prevents you from being able to sit down. If you’re worried about this, ask your doctor immediately.