Between 24 and 28 weeks’ gestation, we will perform a glucose screening test for gestational diabetes. We will have you drink 50 grams of glucose and then check your blood sugar in an hour. If you fail this screening test, then we will have you take a diagnostic 3-hour glucose tolerance test. If you fail that test as well, you will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Depending on how your blood sugars are, you may just be closely monitored and encouraged to change your diet and activity level to maintain normal blood glucoses. If your sugars are not well controlled in pregnancy, then you may need to be started on insulin. Each person will have an individualized treatment plan. Gestational diabetes increases your risk of a large baby, possible shoulder dystocia at pregnancy, and risk for a Cesarean delivery. It also increases your lifetime risk of developing type 2 diabetes and the newborn may have low blood sugars at birth and a few other issues your pediatrician will check on.